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 ‘Introduction to ActivInspire’ is a 2 hour course developed to get trainees started with their Promethean Interactive Whiteboard. The participants of this course may have just received their IWB and don’t know where to start and are complete beginners. The aim of this course introduce the ActivInspire software using the Promethean Activboard and to get participants started from the very beginning including plugging in, calibration, starting up the software, software orientation, to pen use, and basic tools, Promethean Planet,  etc. Participants will be able to interact at the board as some trainees have never used an interactive whiteboard.

NSW Institute of Teachers Endorsed provide of Institute Registered professional development of the maintenance of accreditation at Professional Competence.

Scope of Endorsement – Standard 6.2.3 for the course Introduction to ActivInspire

This course can be delivered at your school with your Promethean ActivBoards with prior arrangement.

Cost –  $589 WHOLE STAFF Introductory session. Travel costs outside the Sydney Metro apply.

Check out - - for more details or for further information please contact-

Clare Alexander- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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