Our Mission

  • "Not just to provide the highest quality products, but to empower their use in an educational environment. To aid the process of education through the provision of excellent technology and back up services and furthermore to provide a homogenous product and service to all parts of Australia".

The Company

  • Empowered Learning is Australia's leading supplier of the Promethean ActivClassroom and Promethean's Business Partner in NSW, ACT, QLD and NT.  Empowered Learning is Preferred Supplier to the Department of Education (DETPSA-100543).
  • Empowered Learning was established in 2004 as a specialist supplier of the Promethean Activboard and collaborative classroom solution. With offices in NSW and QLD we have become the largest and leading supplier of Promethean products in Australia. Our success has been in providing 21st century learning solutions by offering expert consulting services, leading educational products, teacher delivered professional development and quality installation services. At Empowered Learning we pride ourselves on our customer directed focus on improving educational outcomes for our clients. It is through this ethos that Empowered Learning has become well respected across the education community.
  • As Empowered Learning is a teacher based company, we have identified that professional development is paramount in helping schools successfully move into an interactive learning environment. Our current staff bring a wealth of educational experience from NSW Department of Education, Education Queensland, Catholic Education and Independent Schooling. Our professional development is practical, relevant and structured to allow you to achieve the most from your interactive whiteboard.
  • Empowered Learning offers comprehensive installation and support services. We understand that technology is an expensive and important investment decision and implementing interactive whiteboards into the school needs to be done with care. With our experience within this area, we have observed how the right decision can become an indispensible teaching tool; we have also observed how an unsuitable product decision can become what we term and Interactive White Elephant. With our installation and supportive services we guarantee an effective and reliable operation.