Tammy Vavasour

ACT Business Development Manager

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing/Accounting)
Masters of (Secondary) Teaching (SOSE/Commerce)
Level 3 Promethean Training and Resource Developer

With over 5 years of experience in the ICT industry in Canberra I have dedicated the majority of my career to working with schools in the ACT and regional areas as a supplier of ICT and AV technology.  I am passionate about the ActivClassroom technology that we support and the significant benefits that it offers teachers in creating fun, interactive and engaging lessons.  As the Promethean TLA for the ACT I have been instrumental in building the strong network of highly skilled users that we have in the region and excellent culture of support.  With the completion of my masters due in 2013 I look forward to continuing to offer new opportunities and fresh perspectives on using technology to enhance teaching and learning.