ActivArena encourages collaboration in the classroom by allowing two users to simultaneously interact anywhere on the ActivBoard with ActivPens or ActivWands. Integrate the Dual-User functionality of our award-winning ActivInspire software to offer increased opportunities for hands-on teacher guidance and peer-to-peer learning.

Where Students and Teachers Collaborate

  • Learning to work together is an important life skill. By enabling two users to simultaneously interact with ActivPens across the entire surface of the ActivBoard, ActivArena creates an engaging learning environment where students can teach each other or where students and teachers can collaborate.
  • Promethean’s award-winning ActivInspire software is fully integrated with ActivArena and includes templates and ready-made activities specifically designed to facilitate collaborative learning. During ActivArena-powered lessons, students solve problems together, building confidence while developing effective, lasting communication skills.
  • With ActivArena, enrich the interactive learning experience and teach students a life-long lesson on the benefits of working together.

Why ActivArena?

  • Encourages teamwork—Students work together to solve problems or outline ideas.
  • Builds confidence—Students feel more comfortable in front of the class by working alongside a peer or receiving immediate teacher guidance.
  • Stimulates critical thinking—ActivArena makes it possible for students to respond to each other immediately. This provides the opportunity to see how others interpret an individual’s work and consider alternative approaches.
  • Develops social interaction and oral communication skills—ActivArena is an ideal forum for side-by-side demonstrations of two points of view. Students identify where their ideas overlap or diverge, promoting the development of effective communication skills.
  • Open a whole-classroom dialogue—Encourages students to engage, interact with and contribute to lessons, resulting in stimulating discussions and lively, insightful debates.


  • ActivArena and ActivArena 50—Pen-driven solutions offer full mouse functionality for two users.
  • ActivArena 50 with ActivWand—Click and hover functionality and lightweight, easy to use wands enable extended reach for two users.
  • Entire ActivBoard functionality—Both the pens and the wands can be used simultaneously across the entire ActivBoard surface.
  • Differentiated tools—The two pens or wands are easily identified as teacher or student tools by different colours and software controls.
  • Fully integrated with ActivInspire software— Includes templates and activities specifically designed to enhance, support and supplement lessons for two users.


  • ActivArena ,ActivArena 50 and ActivArena 50 for 100

Works with

  • Only works with Promethean ActivBoards.


  • Available for ActivBoards 78”, 87” and 95”; includes ActivInspire Professional Edition.

ActivArena 50:

  • Available for ActivBoard 100, 300 Pro and 500 Pro; requires ActivInspire Professional Edition.

ActivArena 50 for 100:

  • Available for ActivBoard 100; includes ActivInspire Professional Edition.

Operating Systems

  • Windows, Mac and Linux