The ActivTablet is a portable, pen-driven interface that simplifies lesson planning by offering lesson-building features of ActivInspire on the go.


Plan Interactive Lessons from Anywhere

Lesson planning is an important component of teaching. With ActivTablet, experience the flexibility to prepare fully interactive lessons outside of the classroom.

Portable, precise and easy to use, the ActivTablet is a pen-driven interface that offers the full interactive functionality of the ActivBoard with the lesson-building tools of ActivInspire. Plug ActivTablet into a laptop or desktop computer running ActivInspire software, and its pressure-sensitive surface simulates the larger surface of our ActivBoard. Simply use the included battery-free wireless pen to perform any of ActivInspire’s functions.

With ActivTablet, interactive lesson planning is a flexible, easy part of teaching that is possible anywhere you choose.

Technical Information


  • USB

Operating Systems

  • Windows, Mac and Linux