Informed Teaching and Learning

Empowered Learning is Australia's leading supplier of the Promethean ActivClassroom and Promethean's Business Partner in NSW, ACT, QLD and NT. Empowered Learning is Preferred Supplier to the Department of Education (DETPSA-100543).

What is Real-Time Personalised Instruction?

  • Personalised classroom instruction, assessment and intervention that really works.
  • Classrooms contain children of all different abilities and learning rates, so individualised classroom instruction is of vital importance to a productive learning environment. Self-paced functionality with Promethean’s learner response systems meets the challenge - teachers pose questions, students answer individually at their own pace, and assessment is done in real-time to quickly evaluate which students need assistance. Instructors can then immediately intervene. Effective student learning is directly proportional to the speed of teacher intervention. Real-Time Personalised Instruction is a way to teach one-on-one in a group. For students, it means instant feedback and help during assessment activities. For teachers, it’s an instructional approach that provides effective focus on individual student performance during group activities.

Informed Teaching and Learning in Action

Why is Real-Time Personalised Instruction important?

  • Today’s digital learners expect, and deserve, more. Students need interactivity, personalisation and one-on-one connection. To engage them, teachers need to interact with multiple students at once.

Students benefit.

  • Individual response analysis helps teachers address each student’s unique needs by allowing for instant feedback and assistance.
  • Self-paced functionality allows students to move through assessment opportunities at their own pace.
  • Real-time feedback lets students gauge their own achievement— a motivating factor that helps learners take ownership of progress. Students will know if they answered correctly before moving on to the next question on their learner response device.

Teachers benefit.

  • Maximises teacher effectiveness by allowing teachers to share and reuse question sets.
  • Provides instructors instant feedback on students’ understanding of lessons.
  • Allows assessment, collection and analysis of student response data when it’s most effective—immediately.
  • Offers valuable insight on lesson effectiveness—teachers can modify lesson plans based on results.

Learning improves.

  • Instant assessment means instant support from teachers when the lesson isn’t understood.
  • Personalised instruction equals greater student participation and deeper investment in learning.
  • Individual attention means each student is encouraged to reach his or her highest level of learning potential in every lesson, every day.
  • Grade tracking, trending and more with ActivProgress, Promethean’s web-based assessment, reporting and communication solution, keeps teachers, parents and students connected and involved.

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