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Promethean's key focus is to design and develop transformational education solutions that support teaching and learning best practices. All of Promethean’s interactive, integrated solutions are backed by unparalleled support and training to ensure educators have the resources they need to transform their classrooms into engaging, efficient learning environments focused on academic success for all students.

Whole Class Learning

Promethean’s Whole Class Learning Solution empowers teachers to provide effective instruction simultaneously to a wide range of students, engaging the whole class while respecting the unique needs of individual students.

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Collaborative Learning

Collaborative, small group learning, encourages project-based activities where students interact and collaborate, fostering the intellectual synergy of many minds sharing knowledge and working towards a common goal together.

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Learning Anywhere

The world beyond the classroom is full of educational experiences waiting to be explored. Schools around the globe are re-envisioning ideal learning environments with new technologies that break down the barriers of classroom walls and create opportunities for teacher and student learning anywhere, any time.

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 Personalised Learning

Promethean’s Personalised Learning Solution leverages interactive, integrated technology to empower teachers to evaluate student knowledge and tailor teaching to address the diverse needs of individuals.

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