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Upgrade to Ultra Short Throw

  • Capable of producing an interactive image size anywhere from 60” up to 102” diagonal (native WXGA) on nearly any wall, the Epson EB-475Wie delivers an amazing interactive work environment. Thanks to this Ultra Short Throw distance, presenters are able to deliver rich multimedia content without the distraction of glare in the eyes, or shadows on the board disrupting vision. With the added benefit of 3LCD Technology, presentations will feature rich, vibrant colours that bring content to life. Plus, with 2,600 lumens Light and Colour Light Output, there is no need to dim the lights or draw the curtains, so meetings or lessons can start straight away without interruption.

Total Ease of Installation

With the EB-475Wie there is no need to install any additional driver software. This opens new opportunities to users in institutions where computers are locked to stop the installation of software. In fact, you don’t need to calibrate! These projectors perform an auto calibration, delivering high accuracy, fast response and reliable performance.
The EB-475Wie comes complete with an integrated wall mount, designed specifically for stylish appearance, and fast, simple installation. Adjustment dials are colour coded to match image correction images projected by the projector and selectable from the on screen display. Simply find the image that best represents the current shape of the projected image and adjust the corresponding coloured dial. The image will be square and the projector operational within moments. For those extra tricky installations where an uneven projection surface impedes progress, simply utilise the Quick Corner function to fine tune the image for perfectly square corners and edges.

An Interactive Workspace for Collaboration

  • The EB-475Wie can also project vertically downward, enabling users to change a table top into a workspace perfect for collaboration. By utilising the optional ELP-MB29 table mount, your ordinary table becomes a centre for creative collaboration that will have your team racing to engage in the material at hand.

Interactive Functionality with Multi User Capability

  • In the past, you needed a projector and an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive environment in a meeting room or class room. Now, you can make almost any wall interactive with the EB-475Wie.

  • These high performance “projector and interactive-pen” combinations each integrate interactive functionality into one machine. With no requirement for an interactive whiteboard, you can utilise an existing pen-based whiteboard or even a flat wall for full colour presentations, interactive brainstorming sessions, annotation on-the-fly and much more. With the EB-475Wie and their easy to use (Easy Interactive Tools 2) software (via download from you can turn your whiteboard into a fully interactive business or teaching tool. At the end of your class or meeting, simply save the file for printing or emailing to students and attendees.

  • Revolutionise the way you interact with your class or audience by utilising the Multi User capability. Each EB-475Wie ships with two interactive pens, both of which can be used simultaneously. Take advantage of new opportunities for interactive learning with teacher and students writing or interacting together, each with their own independent interactive pen.

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