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Product Overview

TouchBoard is a fully integrated, multi-touch display panel utilising the latest IR sensor technology. With options that include an inbuilt Android, PC or MAC platform, conference camera or surround sound bar, a system can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

TouchBoard is the ideal teaching tool for the modern classroom, bringing STEM and the digital technology curriculum to life with interaction, audio and visual.

Available in UHD 4K 65″,75″, 86″ and 98” screens with a 4mm tempered safety glass and scratch resistant with anti-glare.  TouchBoard Interactive Panels have a robust and durable build quality and a comprehensively backed 5 year Australian warranty and support program

TouchBoard Features

Android Interface

Built-in Android 8.0 System that brings in smooth processing experience to users. Touchboard also easily supports installation of any Android-based applications. 

Option to add an internal OPS PC at any time as well as an internal Android platform. 

All in one

All-In-One Solution

The Built-in White Board app allows users to write on the screen seamlessly. The most efficient way to enhance collaboration efficieny in a meeting room environment.

With it’s intuitive touch control and quick response time, it provides you with the smoothest writing motion. 

Ultra-Clear 4K Resolution with Anti-Glare

Provides readability from the front to the back of the conference room which means no one will miss a beat. Touchboard comes with a special screen that has 4mm Tempered Glass and Anti-Glare technology. Never worry about looking at the screen for a long time. 

Screens are made out of Toughened Glass, preventing any material from damaging or scratching it. 

4k Resolution Anti Glare
Seamless Screen Sharing

Seamless Screen Sharing

Collaborate by mirroring your screen flawlessly using the in-built E-Share app. Users can share their display from their devices, creating a more collaborative environment. Touchboard also allows for two-way mirroring and 4-way split screen that allows 4 devices to share their screen simultaneously.

Simply download E-Share on your device and start sharing. 

Increased Meeting Room Interaction

The Ultra-thin IR Bezel provides a responsive and accurate writing experience. Increase interactive performance with 20 simultaneous touches at once.  
Philips Display Panel

TouchBoard Interactive Panel are available in Ultra-HD 4K 65”, 75”, 86” and 98" LG Screens.

  • Increased classroom collaboration with 20 simultaneous points of touch interaction

  • A clear and bright image resolution from the front to the back of the classroom

  • Exceptional brightness across the life of the panel. No lamp burn or image degradation

  • Improved ergonomics through less shadowing and brightness/heat from the projector beam

  • Quickly save image of work done from annotation, email and share them instantly to your students, colleagues or even the parents.

  • Lower running costs resulting from longer life span, lower energy consumption and no required consumables

  • Can easily be mounted to an AV Cart.

TouchBoard Connectivity

TouchBoard LED Multi-Touch Panels offer a great combination of inputs. Composite, VGA, AV and three HDMI inputs support a wide variety of devices including Video Conferencing, Apple TV, Chromecast and Android. An inbuilt SD slot provides easy file transfer and audio options are covered with 3.5mm, AV and optical connections.

TouchBoard Software

TouchBoard software is designed to be simple, interactive, intuitive and without the need for extended user training. A friendly toolbar allows the teachers or students to interact and share their ideas to the class, insert text, shapes and images, draw, write and annotate. Documents created can be saved, printed or emailed.



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