By Promethean

Promethean’s Whole Class Learning Solution empowers teachers to provide effective instruction simultaneously to a wide range of students, engaging the whole class while respecting the unique needs of individual students.


The ActivTable, with its touch sensitive display, empowers students to lead their own learning, driving engagement, participation and creativity in the classroom. Designed to support group work, problem-solving activities and consensus decision making, as well as collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.


Teaching & Learning

Real Time Personalised classroom instruction, assessment and intervention that really works. Student benefits, teacher benefits and improved learning outcomes.

Promethean Solutions

  • Promethean's key focus is to design and develop transformational education solutions that support teaching and learning best practices.

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LED Touch Screens

  • eBoard is an Interactive Touch Screen with limitless applications ranging from education, presentations, boardroom and conference room collaboration to being used as interactive information kiosks.

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Interactive Projectors

  • The ultimate tool for the classroom or office - Make almost any wall interactive. These high performance "projector and interactive-pen" combinations each integrate interactive functionality into one machine.

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Panasonic Security

  • Empowered Learning is a leading education Channel Partner with Panasonic to supply and install their CCTV security systems.

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Empowered Learning is Australia's Largest Supplier of the Promethean ActivClassroom