The ActivTable

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Collaborative Small Group Learning

The ActivTable in Action

  • ActivTable is an interactive table with a 46-inch HD LCD touch-sensitive display that supports up to six students at one time. Designed to engage learners aged four to 11, the ActivTable enables flexible opportunities for collaboration, from small group learning to special needs and whole class activities.
  • The individual tool libraries, web browser capability and the support for a variety of applications allows educators to customize and create tailor-made activities for different teaching approaches. Personalise instruction based on the needs of individual learners and track student contribution and use of learning tools for each activity. ActivTable streamlines instruction, enabling teachers to meet core curriculum learning objectives while boosting student engagement.
  • ActivTable meets accessibility standards by providing easy table access for chairs and wheelchairs. Encourage small group learning and engage students with an interactive solution that helps students develop life-long skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

Why ActivTable?

  • Flexible, inclusive learning opportunities—ActivTable supports individual, small group work and whole class learning with activities designed for children aged four to 11 and special needs students.
  • Promotes group working, problem solving and communication—The ActivTable empowers students to lead their own learning, drives collaboration, increases student engagement and develops creativity with dynamic interactive content.
  • Differentiated instruction—Divide the classroom into smaller learning groups based on level of comprehension and learning styles. The intuitive and easy to use interface enables the creation of tailor-made activities for different teaching approaches.
  • Supports core curriculum—Meet learning objectives with multi-touch and multi-user applications mapped to the curriculum.


  • 46-inch full HD LCD display—The ActivTable features a large, touch sensitive screen with ample room for collaboration.
  • Multi-user—Supports up to 6 students collaborating at one time.
  • Tool library—ActivTable’s toolbar offers a variety of intuitive tools, including keyboards, musical instruments, maths tools and web browsers, all customisable for each activity.

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