The ActivWand offers the same functionality as the ActivPen with twenty-one inches of reach, ensuring students of all sizes and abilities can experience the magic of interactive learning on the ActivBoard.

Reach New Heights

  • With ActivWand, the wonder of the ActivBoard is accessible to any student - short or tall, standing or seated, and even those with limited mobility or less motor control. Inclusion is within reach during every interactive lesson thanks to ActivWand’s long, mouse-enabled pointer.
  • With its ergonomic handle and intuitive functionality, ActivWand clicks and writes with the precision of our ActivPen while offering a little extra reach - twenty-one inches of reach, to be exact. The smallest learner can interact with objects at the top of the ActivBoard, disabled students will delight in fully participating with their classmates, and teachers can effortlessly manipulate objects across the board without getting in the way of the lesson.



  • ActivWand 50

Works with

  • All ActivBoards


  • Wireless and battery free

Operating Systems

  • Windows, Mac and Linux