LCD Touch Screens

eBoard is an Interactive Touch Screen with limitless applications ranging from education, presentations, boardroom and conference room collaboration to being used as interactive information kiosks.

LCD Interactive Touch Screen

eBoard is an integrated LCD Interactive Touch Screen that utilises Optical Sensor Technology. Its applications are limitless ranging from education, presentations, boardroom and conference room collaboration to being used as interactive information kiosks. By taking full advantage of the Optical Sensor Technology, eBoard maintains accuracy, responsiveness and sensitivity whilst delivering full high definition images in almost any environment with high brightness, high contrast and brilliant picture quality.


Key benefits

  • 50,000 hour life with no consumables and no maintenance required
  • USB port to interface with PC, laptop or Mac, simply plug and play
  • 4 Point Calibration
  • Light touch sensitivity, no pressure is required
  • Dual touch and gesture capability
  • Soft write on the screen: Anti-noise write technology (supports all MS Windows Fonts) Whisper-tip stylus (256 Color and fluorescent pen), right and left hand mouse buttons, drag & drop, keyboard character recognition function
  • Handwriting on the monitor is displayed on the computer screen (video player function)
  • RGB colour (16,777,216 Colour) 16,000,000-pixel, precise touch resolution
  • Compatible with the ePodium, your presentations will step up to the next generation of e-learning
  • Write/annotate on the eBoard by finger touch or with a stylus pen
  • The stylish design makes it easy to mount on a wall or a portable stand


Captivate your audience when you open applications, navigate the web, use the virtual keyboard to type information, annotate over the top of the displayed information or utilise your existing interactive whiteboard software. The eBoard simply plugs into your laptop, PC, or Mac via the supplied USB cable. You can also connect wirelessly on your iPad for total control at your fingertips. eBoard allows you to access content over the network or internet then add hand written comments with the included eBoard pen tool. You can access content including Powerpoint, photos, videos, e-learning, video conferencing or distance learning, online content and more.

The lifespan of the LCD panel is approximately 50,000 hours (or about 45 years when used 3 hours a day). The accurate and responsive dual touch Optical Sensor Technology of the eBoard enables light touch sensitivity all the way to the corners of the screen. The eBoard features a toughened frame and a scratch, cut and impact resistant 5T glass screen.

The eBoard is available in four sizes; 55", 65", 70" and 82". eBoard's full HD (1920x1080p) LCD screen offers a 170 degree viewing angle ensuring a great view from anywhere. The toughened anti-glare glass enables you to use the screen under any lighting conditions, minimising eye fatigue and enhancing the audience's viewing experience.