TouchBoard Xenon Pro

LED Multi-Touch Panel

Available in 65” 4K, 75” 4K, 86” 4K, 98” 4K

Market Leading Features, Superior Performance, Outstanding User Experience.

Collaboration technology that is easy to use and simple to integrate.

Digital Tools For Collaborative Learning Environments

TouchBoard Xenon Pro Market Leading Features

  • Zero Bonded Screen – a sharper viewing experience
  • Ultra Thin IR Bezel – a precise writing experience
  • USB C Enabled – a better connection experience
  • Android 9 Quad Core – a faster user experience
  • Wireless Mirroring – a simpler presentation experience

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Upgradable Android 9 operating platform with a lightning fast MT9950 mainboard with ARM-A73 1.8ghz Quad Core processor and 8gb of RAM. The V4 Xenon Pro is super powerful and more than capable of running latest office and graphics programs. Easy to use like your smart phone or tablet. It comes pre-loaded with a suite of specially selected apps to get you started right away.


Manufactured with the latest Zero Bonded screen technology, effectively removing the air gap between the panel and glass to provide a sharper image, wider viewing angle and better touch. The V4 Xenon Pro delivers 4K resolution from a commercial grade high brightness LED panel with 50,000 hours of lifetime. Your panel is protected by 4mm anti-glare safety glass with a Mohs7 scratch resistance.



Delivering exceptional reliability. Ultra-thin IR Bezel provides a responsive and accurate writing experience. The V4 Xenon Pro supports 20 points of touch as well as smart stylus and palm erase technology ensuring a natural writing experience. Users can simply Plug and Play their devices with no drivers or calibration required. Windows gesture support enabled.


Collaborate by sharing your screen wirelessly in real time. Share up to 8 screens at any time for those larger meetings and remote learning. Enjoy cable free connectivity. Compatible with any PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Chromebook device. The V4 Xenon Pro comes pre-loaded with Eshare Pro, Miracast, WebCast, AirPlay and iMirror platforms, providing the user with great flexibility and a choice between an App based or App free mirroring solution.



Extensive HDMI and USB I/O ports options and RS232 programming ports make connection a breeze. The V4 Xenon Pro incorporates the latest technology USB-C port to enable display and touch connectivity over a single cable. Dual LAN ports enable integration to existing networks without added equipment. Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters ensure easy connection with enabled hardware devices across the classroom or workplace.


Whiteboard software provides the ability to annotate on photos, videos, webpages or anyother screen or input channel. Simply annotate and quickly share documents or save to OneDrive, Google Drive, 64gb onboard memory, USB or QR code options. The V4 Xenon Pro provides a split screen function to allow for multiple ideas and tasks to be worked on simultaneously. Various widgets and gadgets provide handy help across the day.


Integrated security features provide a process to manage unauthorised usage or configuration changes across a display device and your facility. The V4 Xenon Pro has integrated security options, including secure pass login, remote lock, touch control lock and the ability to disable network access and applications. Individual I/O ports and android access can also be disabled.


Inbuilt eye care protection settings are designed to help alleviate discomfort that can be experienced from increased time in front of a screen. The V4 Xenon Pro has 3 levels of eye care protection that adjusts the brightness and blue light levels within the display. An automatic sensor also adjusts contrast levels with reference to changes in room brightness to help further reduce eye strain.


A great way to effectively manage multiple displays across your organisation. The V4 Xenon Pro remote management software provides tech staff quick configuration in real time with the ability to configure display settings, set power off events, perform updates, and broadcast important messages to select devices for reminders or all devices in an emergency situation.

Valuable Accessories & Add-ons

Wireless Presentation System

Connect via USB port and press the button to wirelessly mirror up to 4 screens.

Integrated Intel OPS PC

Install on intel OPS PC to enable to cable free dual platform {PC and Android}.

Video Conferencing Camera

Add a Conference Camera and provide the perfect web meeting solution.

Flexible Mounting Solutions

TouchBoard Mounting Systems provide a comprehensive range of professional mounting solutions suitable for modern LED touch panels. Having both mobile and height adjustable options there are now endless possibilities accross your organisation.